Applebee’s Happy Hour

  • Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurant chain is very popular in the USA and many other countries in the world. The first restaurant was opened in 1980 and now there are over 2000 restaurants in the USA and 15 other countries. About 100 new restaurants are opened each year, so Applebee’s is a stable and rapidly developing chain. Applebee’s restaurants are casual dining ones, most popular American dishes are served, such as salads, chicken, pasta, shrimps and so on. The signature dish in Applebee’s is “riblets”.

    Applebee’s Happy Hour

    Applebee’s was founded as a place, that people can call their own. This main feature is embodied in excellent service, tasty and balanced menu and comfortable homely atmosphere. Except traditional dishes you can also enjoy various drinks, such as beer, refreshing drinks, sangrias (berry, white peach, red apple), different cocktails and wine. Also, Applebee’s restaurants offer you a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite meals for best prices. I mean happy hour at Applebee’s. Happy hour is a special time when you can have 50% discount for main dishes. Applebee’s happy hour times are Monday – Friday from 11:00 am till 7:00 pm and from 10 pm till the closing time. It varies from one restaurant to another, but you can always check this time on-line for the nearest restaurant. A usual Applebee’s happy hour menu includes:

    • buffalo wings
    • boneless wings
    • mozzarella sticks
    • potato skins
    • spinach and artichoke dip
    • crunchy onion rings     

    Drinks are also available for 50% of the price. Moreover, there are a lot of Applebee’s happy hour specials, which mean you can have some meal or drink at a special price. Special offers differ from one restaurant to another, so you’d better check it locally. You can find necessary information either by visiting your local restaurant or via the Internet. Also, a good thing to remember is that kids can have free meals on Wednesday. It will help you to save your money while your kid can enjoy his favorite dishes and drinks. Good service, high quality products, cozy atmosphere and a great variety of special offers makes Applebee’s a really good choice for you and your mates, so if you are hungry, don’t hesitate to visit it.

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