The first Applebee's restaurant was opened in 1980 by Bill Palmer in Atlanta, Georgia. After Palmers opened their second restaurant, in 1983 they sold their company to WR Grace and Company. Bill Palmer was still president of the company. 1986, the name was changed to Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar. In addition, a franchise system was introduced. The first franchisees were Abe Gustin and John Hamra, who opened a restaurant in Kansas City.

Today there are over 2000 Applebee's restaurants in over 16 countries. Of these, 400 are company-owned restaurants stores, while the remaining restaurants are owned by franchisees.

Branded snack bar «Applebee's» offers hot dishes made of beef, beef grilled steaks, mushrooms, garlic sauce, red pepper and thyme, as well as with beef steak and shrimp, seasoned with spicy sauce. As a side dish served mashed potatoes, fried beans and rice.

We can say that Applebee's is a traditional American cuisine, where you can eat in city quick and tasty. Service in Applebee's is fast, and food is of high quality and excellent taste. Applebee's often choose business people and young people who do not have time to visit a restaurant.

Restaurants can be found in various cities throughout the United States. They are conveniently located, so in their favor are choosing more and more people. Tasty food, good service and a great location make this restaurant a place that is loved by many people.

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